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Another captivating game that Blizzard opens to the public is WoW Trading Card Game. It’s basically online gaming turned into chrome. It is very important to emphasize to players that the thrill they will experience playing this trading card is equal to the thrill offered by online play.

If you already have what it takes to start a game, here’s how you can start riding the wave.

1. Check the official website of the game.

If you have not experienced this collectible card game, visiting the official website is essential to know the rules and instructions on how this game works. A sample starting pad can also be printed so you can easily try out the game mechanics.

2. Let the game begin

Get a starter deck and some boosters for yourself before you officially start. You can get them on Amazon and eBay and most hobby stores that sell trading card games. There are currently two starter decks available: the Heroes of Azeroth starter deck and the Dark Portal starter deck. Heroes of Azeroth Starter Set contains a rulebook, two booster packs, 3 oversized and rare hero cards, and a 33-card preconstructed deck for one of the game classes. Open the randomly distributed box so you know what class you are.

3. Aim high

To win tournaments, you have to build your own deck, collect a few more cards from booster packs, and create a more powerful game deck. It’s smarter for you to get a안전놀이터  couple of booster packs at the time you get your starter deck. This will give you an early start in customizing your own.

4. Don’t miss the link

Start meeting other players. Check the site for more player options. You can also invite some of your friends and get together to savor the fun time while exploring World of Warcraft through this trading card game.

WoW wishes you a fun-filled game. Stay connected to the universe, get your bearings, and don’t miss out on the fun as World of Warcraft continually brings you the best of what you’ve dreamed of.

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