Creating an Aggressive Football Defense

A defensive coach must have the level of aggressiveness he desires ingrained into his football philosophy. That level may also be affected if he is not the Head Coach of the team. The aggressive nature of the Head Coach will obviously factor in to the Defensive Coordinator’s philosophy within a game plan. If the play caller of a football defense does not have a defined philosophy relating to how aggressive he will be, his play calling will be www.ufabet erratic and without purpose or meaning.

If a defensive coordinator intends to use 5, 6 and 7 man blitzes frequently, he will be playing an aggressive style. Aggressive style includes high risk/reward play calling. An aggressive football defense uses a high percentage of man coverage, particularly press-man or Bump & Run coverage, coupled with blitzing linebackers, safeties, and even occasional corner blitzes.

The alternative to aggressive defense is to be conservative, playing a “Bend but don’t Break” philosophy. The conservative play caller uses a high percentage of zone defenses, with deep defenders highly conscious of letting nothing get behind them. Conservative philosophy dictates limited blitzes and, in general, a relatively simplistic playbook. The defensive coordinator wants to make sure that his football defense does not beat itself, rather relying on the other team to make mistakes.

Neither philosophy is inherently wrong. Success can be had through a highly aggressive defensive philosophy, or a sound, safe, and conservative philosophy. Wins and losses are still dependent on superior talent, and superior teaching of the fundamentals. Teams that can pursue and tackle will defeat teams that cannot. But in order to put players in the best position possible to be successful, the defense must be run under a clearly defined philosophy.

How aggressive is your defense going to be?