Orthodox Priest May Win 25 Million for His Scientific Discovery

Ukrainian cleric Vasily Simulik is among candidates for the $25 million
prize declared by the British magnate and researcher Richard Branson for the
individual to concoct a practical plan to forestall a dangerous atmospheric devation. This year, a 60-year-old cleric of a congregation in the Poltava area completed his review
“The Theory of the Origin of Nature,” as per Friday issue of the Ukrainian
Komsomolskaya Pravda day by day.

In his review, he decides the equation of gravitational fascination of beginning molecules,
furthermore, fosters the plan of a nuclear reactor for responding nuclear hydrogen

“I have found out, that H-iotas responding in outright gravitate news virus vacuum discharge heat
better than helium,” says Fr Vasily. He sent his paper to Branson, an author and proprietor of the organization associated with innovative work of inventive advancements in concentrating on the space.

“I got a warning from London that my review had been acknowledged. To tell you
reality, I was not anticipating this. I don’t require cash; I simply need to help mankind
in its endeavor to forestall environment changes. I think about material science as a side interest,” said the

As indicated by the paper, instructors of physical science had expansive designs for him. Yet
notwithstanding their expectations, Vasily went to read up to Kiev Institute for Foreign
Dialects where he impeccably dominated English and French, and ultimately chose
to join the theological college and become a minister. Vasily plays five instruments and forms rock-numbers.

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