The NHL Should Not Play the All Star Game, Ever

With the NHL season in an extremely shaky situation because of slow thus far unfruitful dealings between the players and proprietors which has brought about a lock-out, one of the setbacks from even a genuinely short lock-out could be the yearly All Star game. The game is scheduled for Columbus this year.

While I feel for individuals of Columbus and the expected loss of income, which I understand can be significant; I can’t say I’ll cry such a large number of tears on the off chance that the occasion doesn’t occur, and it is on the grounds that I am a hockey fan that I feel as such.

The NHL ought not play the top pick game, ever; it ought to, nonetheless, hold an All Star weekend exhibiting the most capable players.

By all means name the top players in the 메이저놀이터 association, ideally chose by a blue lace board of learned hockey individuals and not by voting form stuffing fans, give them a reward and have them spend an end of the week in the chose city. Set on every one of the typical fun occasions that grandstand in a light manner the abilities and gifts of the players; races, slap shot power and precision challenges, goaltending challenges, and so on In any case, simply try not to play the actual game.

A few games loan themselves well to presentation games (which, after everything is what the All Star game is) and others, not really. Baseball for example, in any case the Pete Rose/Bob Fosse episode of 1970, is great for an All Star game as the degree of body contact is lower than different games (expecting we can preclude sweep back throws and separating twofold plays). So Major League Baseball should keep on with the midsummer Classic.

The NHL All Star game, with twofold digit scores and basically no body contact as players attempt to stay away from injury, doesn’t address the game as it is played during the customary season and end of the season games.

The NFL, NBA and NHL should all consider having All Star occasions that delineate the significant degree of abilities these competitors have, however don’t play the actual game.

Anyway in the event that the NHL feels it should play an All Star game, for the wellbeing of God kindly don’t involve it as a promoting device. Exhibiting hockey by communicating the All Star game on US TV with an end goal to acquire new fans and consequently increment TV incomes resembles showing a banner football match-up played by NFL players and saying it addresses the real “item”.